War put his dreams on hold; now rising Staten Island musician bridges the gap between Liberia, the Western world (STATEN ISLAND LIVE)

 By Priya Shahi | pshahi@siadvance.com 

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. - At 7 years old, Benji B. Kai would sit in on music rehearsals with his uncle -- Zack Roberts, Liberia’s famous musician and lead singer of the 1980′s band Zack & Jeebah. 

“After their rehearsal, he would have me play the drums. I just thought it was pretty cool as a young kid seeing people asking my uncle for autographs and seeing him perform on TV,” READ MORE

Info Music France 

Si vous voulez passer un superbe moment en musique, écoutez "The Bridge" de Benji Cavalli en exclusivité sur Info Music France.

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Iggy Magazine 

L’artiste originaire du Libéria nous offre son projet “The Bridge”. Cet album est un véritable exutoire pour l’artiste qui a vécu des choses riches en émotions. C’est tout naturellement que nous plongeons au cœur de cet opus, incarnation de son vécu.

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Music Arena Ghana 

Benji Cavalli shared more about his life and music in a recent interview he had with Mister Styx of musicarenagh. 

Get the full story HERE:

AFX Radio London 

Lift Yourself As Benji Cavalli Presents His New Song ‘Ball’


Roadie Music Brazil Feature 

Benji Cavalli: Check out the single “Ball”

“Ball” is a simply electrifying and captivating Afrobeat, driven by a well-matched bass and drums, taking the listener to a very cool listening sensation. The interesting thing is the light hints of Caribbean elements, which added atmosphere and spice to the result. Interesting to note some parts of the lyrics sung in a local Liberian dialect called Kolloqua. Lyrically, the message shows Benji's overcoming life, fleeing the civil war that devastated Liberia, and…

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Sinusoidal Music 

Benjamin B. Kai, better known as Benji Cavalli, is an instrumentalist and songwriter who was born in Monrovia, Liberia has recently released his new killer track called “Ball“. The songwriting offers a lot of clarity regarding the track’s purpose. The writing is really powerful and will undoubtedly instil a great deal of inspiration and passion in the audience to fight their battle.

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Berenice Mulubah Blog Interview 

Benji Cavalli: We Should Focus on the Bigger Picture

Ever since he first emerged onto the scene with his hit song “Slow It Down”, Benji Cavalli has continuously proven himself as an award winner. Priding himself as a singer and dancer, he has kept himself booked over the years. Check out my interview with Benji below. 

What has been the best performance of your career so far?

  • My first time performing at the LEA in 2016. I received a lot of support from the fans, the energy from the crowd was great, and…
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